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地球科学进展  1998, Vol. 13 Issue (4): 382-386    DOI: 10.11867/j.issn.1001-8166.1998.04.0382
中国科学院兰州冰川冻土研究所冰心与寒区环境开放实验室 兰州 730000
Chen Tuo,Qin Dahe,Kang Xingcheng,Ren Jiawen,Hou Shugui
Laboratory of Ice Core and Cold Region Environment, Lanzhou Institute of Glaciology amd Geocryology, CAS, Lanzhou  730000
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关键词: 树轮氢氧同位素分馏气候变迁    

The fractionation model of hydrogen and oxygen isotope in plants and the recent progress in tree-ring hydrogen and oxygen isotope research are overviewed. The composition of hydrogen and oxygen isotope in tree ring are correlated with the isotopic composition of source water, temperature, relative humidity or the amount of meteoric water, so it could provide favorable conditions to reconstruction paleoclimate with high resolution, accurate dating and good continuity, which may not be substituted by other mediums. In addition, the future trends in tree-ring hydrogen and oxygen isotopic research are presented, including inter-regional cooperation, the comparison with other mediums and interdiscipline and so on.

Key words: Tree ring    Hydrogen and oxygen isotope    Fractionation model    Climate change.
收稿日期: 1997-11-19 出版日期: 1998-08-01
:  P467  


通讯作者: 陈拓   
作者简介: 陈拓, 男, 1971 年 6 月出生, 博士生, 自然地理学专业。
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陈拓,秦大河,康兴成,任贾文,侯书贵. 树轮氢、氧同位素研究进展[J]. 地球科学进展, 1998, 13(4): 382-386.

Chen Tuo,Qin Dahe,Kang Xingcheng,Ren Jiawen,Hou Shugui. PROGRESS IN TREE-RING HYDROGEN AND OXYGEN ISOTOPE RESEARCH. Advances in Earth Science, 1998, 13(4): 382-386.


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