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地球科学进展  2010, Vol. 25 Issue (1): 1-6    DOI: 10.11867/j.issn.1001-8166.2010.01.0001
Recent Progress on the Earth System Dynamical Model and Its Numerical Simulations
Zeng Qingcun,Lin Zhaohui
Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
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关键词: 地球系统动力学模式气候系统生态和环境系统全球变化防灾减灾可持续发展    

This paper briefly describes the initiative of the earth system dynamic model, recent international and domestic progress on the model development and its numerical simulations. As the mathematical representation of the integrated evolution of coupled climate, ecosystem and environmental system, earth system dynamical model can be applied for the longterm simulation in order for the understanding and prediction of climate and environmental change from global to regional scale, hence for the disaster prevention and mitigation, and the planning for sustainable development. At present, there is no practical earth system model available for the real applications, and it will take about two to three years′ efforts in order to have such an integrated model system.

Key words: Earth system dynamical model    Climate system    Ecosystem and environmental system    Global Change    Disaster prevention and mitigation    Sustainable development
收稿日期: 2009-11-17 出版日期: 2010-01-10
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通讯作者: 曾庆存     E-mail:
作者简介: 曾庆存(1935-),男,广东阳江人,中国科学院院士,主要从事地球系统动力学模式、气候动力学及气候预测、地球流体力学、自然控制论、卫星遥感测量理论
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曾庆存,林朝晖. 地球系统动力学模式和模拟研究的进展[J]. 地球科学进展, 2010, 25(1): 1-6.

Zeng Qingcun,Lin Zhaohui . Recent Progress on the Earth System Dynamical Model and Its Numerical Simulations. Advances in Earth Science, 2010, 25(1): 1-6.


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