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地球科学进展  2000, Vol. 15 Issue (5): 598-603    DOI: 10.11867/j.issn.1001-8166.2000.05.0598
中国科学院南京地理与湖泊研究所,江苏 南京 210008
LI Heng-peng, YANG Gui-shan
Nanjing Institute of Geography and Limnology,CAS,Nanjing 210008,China
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海岸带是人口最稠密的地带,全世界几乎一半的人口生活在沿海地区[1](根据UNCEDDE的定义,以距海岸线150 km计)。受全球变化,尤其是21世纪海平面加速上升的影响,海岸将发生复杂的形态响应过程,包括海岸侵蚀、滩地淹没和湿地沉积平衡的调整等,从而危害人类的生存和发展,引起世界沿海各国政府和科学界的广泛关注。从海平面上升海岸响应历史记录研究、海岸均衡剖面研究和形态响应模拟研究三个方面概述了海平面上升海岸形态响应的国内外研究进展,并对各种研究方法的适用范围、优点及局限性进行了讨论。

关键词: 海平面上升海岸形态响应记录研究均衡剖面数值模拟    

The coasts, the belts of 150 km from coastline (according to the definition of UNCEDDE) are the areas with the most dense population, about one half of the world. Affected by the accelerated sea-level rise in the next century, the coasts will response by the complicated process, which pose threats to the surviving of the mankind and result in the unsustainable development of coastal area. The threats have been concerned by the worldwide people. In this paper, the study methods of coast response to SLR are reviewed, including the coast response record, the equilibrium profile and the numerical stimulation. These methods have their own application ranges, advantages and limitations. Historical trend analysis is a simple method and easy to be implemented. By this method, the trend of evolution in past and present can be known. The trend of the future is inaccurate because the short records and the different environment feature in the future. There are lots of reports about the comparative research with the Quaternary coast evolution, but it' s not accurate enough to predict the trend of the next century due to the resolution of measure is poor and the scale of time is different. We only implement qualitative research by this method. The equilibrium profile study is easy to be implemented and relative accurate to the sandy coast. Any coastal profile will change continuously in response to the prevailing hydrodynamic conditions. Thus an instantaneous profile may not represent the equilibrium state. The equilibrium profile should be temporally-averaged and stable over the temporal scale on which the equilibrium is considered. To the wetland, we can not confirm the existence of equilibrium and the formation of the equilibrium due to the complex organic sediment. The prediction is not appropriate and the response time which affect the accurate of prediction should be considered. With the development of the computer, the researchers have made the great progress. At relatively little coast, we can model the trend of response to the different sea level rise scenery. The widest use of numerical model has been used to the engineering application. We need make a further study to the dynamic process of coast, which can improve the modeling result.

Key words: Sea-level rise    Coast response to SLR    Record analysis    Equilibrium breach profile    Numerical stimulation.
收稿日期: 1999-10-17 出版日期: 2000-10-01
:  P512.32  


通讯作者: 李恒鹏(1973-),男,山西人,在读博士生,从事海岸环境变化与可持续发展管理研究。    
作者简介: 李恒鹏(1973-),男,山西人,在读博士生,从事海岸环境变化与可持续发展管理研究。
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李恒鹏,杨桂山. 海平面上升的海岸形态响应研究方法与进展[J]. 地球科学进展, 2000, 15(5): 598-603.

LI Heng-peng, YANG Gui-shan. RESPONSE OF COAST TO SEA-LEVEL RISE:A REVIEW OF STUDY METHODS. Advances in Earth Science, 2000, 15(5): 598-603.


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