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地球科学进展  1998, Vol. 13 Issue (3): 285-290    DOI: 10.11867/j.issn.1001-8166.1998.03.0285
1.中国石油天然气总公司西北地质研究所 兰州 730020;2.中国科学院兰州地质研究所 兰州 730000
Li Xiangbo1,Chen Jianfa2
1.North West Institude of Geology, CNPC, Lanzhou  730020;2.Lanzhou Institude of Geology, CAS, Lanzhou  730000
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关键词: 植物碳同位素分馏作用环境变化    

Global change has become an world wide concerned problem in the recent years. Since plants preserved a lot of information that can reflect the change of natural environment, the study of their carbon isotope discrimination becomes an important field in the research of global change. This paper tentatively discusses the mechanism, the model of plants carbon isotope discrimination and the progress in environmental change research. At the same time, research direction of plants carbon isotope in the future is introduced,too.

Key words: Plant carbon isotope    Discrimination    Environmental change.
收稿日期: 1997-06-10 出版日期: 1998-06-01
:  P597  

国家自然科学青年基金项目“若尔盖泥炭中苔草的碳氢同位素与古气候关系的研究”(项目编号: 49673179) 资助。

通讯作者: 李相博    
作者简介: 李相博,男,1965年7月出生,工程师,主要从事地球化学及资源与环境遥感方面的研究。
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李相博,陈践发. 植物碳同位素分馏作用与环境变化研究进展[J]. 地球科学进展, 1998, 13(3): 285-290.

Li Xiangbo,Chen Jianfa. ADVANCES IN STUDY ON PLANT CARBON ISOTOPE DISCRIMINATION AND ENVIRONMENT CHANGE. Advances in Earth Science, 1998, 13(3): 285-290.


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