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Advances in Earth Science  2017, Vol. 32 Issue (7): 744-756    DOI: 10.11867/j.issn.1001-8166.2017.07.0744
Diagenesis and Porosity Evolution Model of the Quartzose Sandstone Reservoir with Moderate Palaeogeothermal, Long Period of Large Buried-depth:A Case Form the Lower Shihezi Reservoir in Yan’an, Ordos Basin
Zhang Chuang1, Luo Ranhao1, *, Zhang Hengchang1, Zhou Xue1, Wang Chenglong1, Xing Hua2, Qian Cheng2
1.Zhidan Oil Production Plant, Yanchang Oil Field Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Yan’an 717500, China;
2.Shaanxi Yanchang Petreleum(Group) Co., Ltd., Xi’an 710075, China
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Abstract  This research took Lower Shihezi Reservoir in Yan’an, Ordos Basin as research object. Based on the achievement of former scholars, the article first analyzed burial history and palaeogeothermal history. Furthermore, it analyzed the diagenesis characteristics and divided the diagenetic stages through the application of test data, such as thin section, SEM, cathode luminescence, x-ray diffraction, homogenization temperature of fluid inclusion, etc. Finally, the article analyzed and identified the initial porosity model and various kinds of porosity evolution model in the process of diagenetic, optimized the suitable method of Lower Shihezi Reservoir, established a calculation method that the porosity of reservoir increased in the process of dissolution by applying the effect simulation, simulated porosity evolution of reservoir in research area and analyzed the porosity evolution model. The results showed that the reservoir of quartzose sandstone with moderate palaeogeothermal, long period of large buried-depth, carbonate cement was absent in early phase in the coal measure strata, and the porosity loss by compaction was substantial. Though secondary porosity was generated by dissolution, the quartz and clay mineral were precipitated from dissolution mass, which filled intergranular pores and dissolved pores. In addition to substantial porosity loss by compaction, the filling of massive quartz overgrowth, clay mineral, and ferrocarbonatite, always made such reservoirs to be low or ultra-low permeability reservoirs.
Key words:  Palaeogeothermal history      Ordos basin.      Burial history      Porosity evolution      Secondary quartz     
Received:  24 March 2017      Published:  20 July 2017
ZTFLH:  P618.130.2  
Fund: Project supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China“Quantitative characterization on micro-pore struture in the dual media sandstone of ultra-low permeability”(No.41102081)
Corresponding Authors:  Luo Ranhao(1972-),male,Zhongxiang City,Hubei Province,Senior engineer. Research areas include development geology and oilfield   
About author:  Zhang Chuang(1981-),male,Weinan City,Shaanxi Province,Senior engineer. Research areas include oil & gas reservoir development
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Wang Chenglong
Xing Hua
Zhou Xue
Luo Ranhao
Zhang Chuang
Zhang Hengchang
Qian Cheng

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Zhang Chuang, Luo Ranhao, Zhang Hengchang, Zhou Xue, Wang Chenglong, Xing Hua, Qian Cheng. Diagenesis and Porosity Evolution Model of the Quartzose Sandstone Reservoir with Moderate Palaeogeothermal, Long Period of Large Buried-depth:A Case Form the Lower Shihezi Reservoir in Yan’an, Ordos Basin. Advances in Earth Science, 2017, 32(7): 744-756.

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