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Advances in Earth Science  1994, Vol. 9 Issue (3): 71-75    DOI: 10.11867/j.issn.1001-8166.1994.03.0071
Xiao Chuantao,Jiang Yanwen,Li Weifeng
Geological Departmen, Jianghan College of petroleum,Jingzhou,Hubei  434102
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The term ecostratigraphic facies(abbreviated as EF) is presented for the first time in this paper, which is defined as the association of fossils(including trace fossils) community and sedimentary features in a given paleo-environment. According to the association type of fossils and sedimentary features, eight types of ecostratigraphic facieses have been proposed,i.e. supratidal type(EF1). Intertidal(foreshore) type (EF2), subtidal (shoreface) type(EF3), upper shelf type(EF4), middle shelf type(EF5), low shelf type(EF6), bathyal type (EF7) and abyssal type (EF8). On the basis of the association law of ecostratigraphic facies in both space and time, lateral ecostratigraphic model including ecostratigraphic facies tract(EFT), ecostratigraphic facies region (EFR) and ecostratigraphic facies system (EFS) as well as vertical ecostratigraphic model containing ecostratigraphic facies zone (EFZ). Ecostratigraphic facies formation (EFF) and ecostratigraphic facies group (EFG) are described.

Key words:  Ecostratigraphic facies      Ecostratigraphic facies type      Vertical ecostratigraphic model      Lateral ecostratigraphic model.     
Received:  26 January 1994      Published:  01 May 1994
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Xiao Chuantao,Jiang Yanwen,Li Weifeng. ON THE THEORETICAL ECOSTRATIGRAPHIC MODEL. Advances in Earth Science, 1994, 9(3): 71-75.

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