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Advances in Earth Science  1995, Vol. 10 Issue (3): 240-245    DOI: 10.11867/j.issn.1001-8166.1995.03.0240
Li Naisheng
Institute of Oceanology,The Chinese Academy of Sciences,Qingdao  266071
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The Okinawa Trough which develops at the east part of the East China sea is a active rifting basin and has a series of typical geological and geophysical features as a active modern rifting valley,such as well-developed rift graben,very high heat-flow values and abundant thermal fluid activity,strong crust extension,frequent volcanic and earthquake activity,and a lot of submarine extensional faults. But up to now,there have been many scientific problems which need deep drilling data to be finally solved .ODP's drilling in the Okinawa Trough is of great scientific significance for China.

Key words:  Okinawa Trough      ODP      Geological structure.     
Received:  21 February 1995      Published:  01 June 1995
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Li Naisheng. ODP AND THE OKINAWA TROUGH. Advances in Earth Science, 1995, 10(3): 240-245.

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