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Advances in Earth Science  1995, Vol. 10 Issue (3): 234-239    DOI: 10.11867/j.issn.1001-8166.1995.03.0234
Jin Xingchun
Marine Geology Department,Tongji University,Shanghai  200092
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The model of the inter-arc spreading and the remnant arc development are verified by the deep-sea drilling in the Philippine Sea. The driling in the Bonin-Mariana forearc shows that the volcanic active zone, which was anomalously large, occurred during the juvenile phase of subduction with sea-floor spreading. Lots of ophiolite found on continent were developed in the setting of sea-floor spreading in the juvenile phase of subduction. The drilling in the Japan Sea reveals processes of opening and closing of the margin basin of Japan Sea.The recent plate boundary at the east margin of Japan Sea imposes important restriction on tectonics in North China. The ocean drilling in the East China Sea and South China Sea will be of great signification because of their distinctive tectonic positions. The present paper emphasizes the significance of approaches to geological problems from global view instead of local one for Chinese geologists.

Key words:  Margin basin      Subduction zone      Philippine Sea      Japan Sea.     
Received:  21 February 1995      Published:  01 June 1995
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Jin Xingchun. OCEAN DRILLING PROGRAM AND TECTONICS OF THE WESTERN PACIFIC REGION. Advances in Earth Science, 1995, 10(3): 234-239.

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