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Advances in Earth Science  2011, Vol. 26 Issue (6): 575-586    DOI: 10.11867/j.issn.1001-8166.2011.06.0575
Advances in Observation and Modeling of Land Surface Processes Over the Source Region of the Yellow River
Wen Jun1, Lan Yongchao1, Su Zhongbo2, Tian Hui1,Shi Xiaokang1,  Zhang Yu1, Wang Xin1, Liu Rong1, Zhang Tangtang1, Kang Yue1, Lü Shaoning1, Zhang Jinghui1
1.Key Laboratory of Land Surface Process and Climate Change in Cold and Arid Regions,Cold and Arid Regions 
Environmental and Engineering Research Institute,  Chinese Academy of Sciences, Lanzhou730000, China;
2.Faculty of Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation, University of Twente 7500 AA Enschede, The Netherlands
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The land surface process has significant impact  on the variation of water resource in the source region of the Yellow River, exploring the links between the land surface process and water cycle is significant in this region. In this paper, the preliminary characteristics of the background climatology and land surface process  over the source region of the Yellow River are presented. The research topics and and advances of the land surface process field experiments conducted in  the source region of the Yellow River are detailed, and the preliminary results from the data analysis, satellite remote sensing, data assimilation and numerical simulations are provided. And finally, the shortages and aspects which need to be improved are also pointed out. The proposed land surface process observations are prospected. The final objectives of these investigations are to explore the links and interactions between land surface process and water resource. These researches are to serve for the large scale water resource management in the source region of the Yellow River.

Key words:  The source region of the Yellow River      Land surface process      Water cycle      Numerical model      Satellite remote sensing.     
Received:  22 July 2010      Published:  10 June 2011
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Wen Jun, Lan Yongchao, Su Zhongbo, Tian Hui,Shi Xiaokang, Zhang Yu,Wang Xin. Advances in Observation and Modeling of Land Surface Processes Over the Source Region of the Yellow River. Advances in Earth Science, 2011, 26(6): 575-586.

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