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Advances in Earth Science  2009, Vol. 24 Issue (7): 724-733    DOI: 10.11867/j.issn.1001-8166.2009.07.0724
Investigation of Spatial Representativeness for Surface Flux Measurements in the Heihe River Basin
Shuang Xi1,Liu Shaomin1,Xu Ziwei1,Wang Weizhen2
1.State Key Laboratory of Remote Sensing Science, School of Geography, Beijing Normal University, Beijing  100875,China;
2.Cold and Arid Regions Environmental and Engineering Research Institute,Chinese Academy of Sciences,Lanzhou  730000,China
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It is very important to determine the land surface fluxes, including sensible heat fluxes and latent heat fluxes, for the issues involving many aspects of climate, agriculture, and water resources management. Nowadays, the Eddy Covariance system (EC) and the Large Aperture Scintillometer (LAS) are the main instruments measuring surface fluxes. The former is point observation and can observe hundreds of meters and the latter can observe area average fluxes in the scale of hundreds of meters to ten kilometers. In order to analyze the source area, we develop Eulerian analytical footprint models for the EC and LAS. Detailed descriptions of the theory basis and methods of the two models are given, and their differences are discussed. Simultaneous remote sensing and ground-based experiment was being carried out in the Heihe River Basin, its observing major components of water cycle were in three experiment areas, i.e., cold region, forest, and arid region hydrology experiment areas. This paper shows some outcomes of the flux footprint models application in A′Rou freeze/thaw observation station, Yingke irrigated oasis station, Dayekou Guantan forest station and Linze grassland station. The representatinve one day or one month is selected. The analysis of the source area and spatial representativeness of the EC and LAS is given. The difference of observing flux is discussed. In the end,it reveals that reasonable source area of LAS and EC can be derived from their flux footprint models and the footprint model is an effective and practical tool.

Key words:  Heihe River Basin      Large aperture scintillometer      Eddy covariance system      Analytical footprint models      Spatial representativeness     
Received:  12 March 2009      Published:  10 July 2009
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LIU Chao-Min
XU Zi-Wei
WANG Wei-Zhen

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Shuang Xi,Liu Shaomin,Xu Ziwei,Wang Weizhen. Investigation of Spatial Representativeness for Surface Flux Measurements in the Heihe River Basin. Advances in Earth Science, 2009, 24(7): 724-733.

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