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地球科学进展  2005, Vol. 20 Issue (1): 19-023    DOI: 10.11867/j.issn.1001-8166.2005.01.0019
中国科学院寒区旱区环境与工程研究所沙漠与沙漠化重点实验室,甘肃 兰州 730000; 兰州大学物理学院力学系,甘肃 兰州 730000; 中国科学院新疆生态与地理研
Structural Characteristics of Gobi Sand-Drift and Its Significance
QU Jianjun1,HUANG Ning2,TA Wanquan1,LEI Jiaqiang3,DONG Zhibao1,LIU Xianwan1,XUE Xian1,ZU Ruiping1,ZHANG Kecun1
1.Key Laboratory of Desert and Desertification, Cold and Arid Regions Environmental and Engineering Research Institute,Lanzhou 730000,China;
2. Department of Mechanics, Physic College, Lanzhou University,Lanzhou 730000, China;
3. Xinjiang Ecology and Geography Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences,Urumqi  830011, China
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通过砾质戈壁风沙流野外实测数据的分析以及风洞模拟实验研究发现:戈壁风沙流结构具有与沙漠风沙流完全不同的风沙流特征,戈壁风沙地表的粗糙度随风速的增大而增加,其表面风沙流输沙量高度分布表现出独特的"象鼻"效应,在一定高度处呈现最大值,并随风速的增加而增高。该"象鼻"效应导致戈壁风沙流结构特征值λ远大于 1,不论风速多大,风沙流都处于未饱和状态的非堆积搬运状态。这种特殊性质比较清楚地解释了敦煌莫高窟千年来不被沙山埋没的谜底。并且在风沙防治工程实践中,采用砾石压沙措施,构造类似与砾质戈壁的下垫面,人工促使风沙流结构呈现"象鼻"形状,可使防沙工程达到理想的输导作用。

关键词: 戈壁风沙流结构输沙量高度分布"象鼻"效应粒度高度分异风沙实验    

By field measurement and wind tunnel simulation on sand-drift of Gobi, this paper draws the following conclusions: ① The wind-drift structure of Gobi has the feature which is different from that of mobile sand. The roughness of Gobi surface increases with wind velocity. With height increasing, the sand transport rate of Gobi surface takes on unique effect of elephant nose, that is, the sand transport rate comes to a maximum value in certain height and this height increasing with wind velocity. ② The elephant nose effect leads to the characteristic value of sand-drift in Gobi (λ)being more than 1 at all times. This indicates that the Gobi sand-drift is belonging to the unsaturated and non-accumulating state, however how great the wind velocity is. ③ The elephant nose effect of Gobi sand-drift can also answer the question why the Mogao Grottoes can not be buried by sands during more than 1000 years. ④ Therefore, in the practice of protecting sand damages, we can use gravels to cover mobile sand surface to form an underlying surface like Gobi, and making sands pass over it freely. 

Key words: Gobi    Sand-drift structure    Elephant nose effect    Grain size variation
收稿日期: 2003-11-11 出版日期: 2005-01-25
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通讯作者: 曲建军     E-mail:
作者简介: 屈建军(1959-), 男, 陕西高陵人, 研究员, 主要从事风沙物理与风沙工程研究.
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屈建军;黄宁;拓万全;雷加强;董治宝;刘贤万;薛娴;俎瑞平;张克存. 戈壁风沙流结构特性及其意义[J]. 地球科学进展, 2005, 20(1): 19-023.

QU Jianjun,HUANG Ning,TA Wanquan,LEI Jiaqiang,DONG Zhibao. Structural Characteristics of Gobi Sand-Drift and Its Significance. Advances in Earth Science, 2005, 20(1): 19-023.


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