Information and documentation—Rules for bibliographic references and citations to information resour

Reference refers to the literature referred to in the writing process of articles or works, which is the main component of academic papers. Whether the reference description is correct and standard is one of the important factors to judge whether a paper is worth publishing. Please check whether the bibliography of the paper meets the following requirements before submission or final revision:
    (1) Whether to check the new check the whole? Whether the preface of the paper fully cites the main domestic and foreign research results of this research field in recent years, and whether the research results of this paper are fully compared with previous research work in the discussion of the paper.
    (2) Is it clearly indexed? Please clearly indicate the sources of citation for other people's work and list them as references. Avoid quotes or out of context and other phenomena. To be clear, all recently published or submitted papers that are clearly related to the content of this paper also need to be clearly cited.
    (3) Is it correct? First of all, the references must be the same as the text, without writing mistakes; Secondly, the references must conform to the specification of "Progress in Earth Sciences". The sequential coding system is adopted for the reference description format of Advances in Earth Sciences, which is numbered according to the sequence of papers, and the description rules are implemented according to the national GB/ T7714-2015 standard. The following specifications and rules are for the author's reference.

bibliographic references

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