Manuscript charge

1. The editorial department of Advances in Earth Science only charges a page fee for all papers that have passed the review and are to be published in accordance with relevant regulations.

2. Advances in Earth Science  does not charge any review fees for any submissions, nor does it charge any extra fees such as over-print fees.

3. After the author receives the notice of the remittance of the page fee, please process the remittance through the bank:

Account name: Northwest Institute of Eco-Environmental Resources, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Account number: 2703000909200066953

Account Bank Name: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Co., Ltd. Lanzhou Development Zone Branch

Account bank code: 102821000097

Taxpayer identification number: 12100000MB1E854321

4. The remittance must indicate '××× (first author's name) Advances in Earth Science page charge'.

5. After the above payment is received, the official invoice will be sent back by postal express. The author is requested to provide the invoice header, tax identification number, financial address and telephone number, account opening bank and account number and other invoice information, as well as the invoice recipient (name and contact number), invoice mailing address, and invoice type in the receipt, so that the page fee can be issued correctly The invoice was received smoothly.

Tips: Payment or remittance in the form of post office, Alipay, WeChat, etc. is not currently supported. Please remit through bank. If the personal remittance is made through a bank, please keep the remittance stub. For other matters, please contact the editorial department via E-mail ( or telephone (0931-8762293).

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