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Advances in Earth Science  1992, Vol. 7 Issue (6): 46-    DOI: 10.11867/j.issn.1001-8166.1992.06.0046
Feng Zhiming
Commission for Integrated Survey of Natural Resources, Chinese Academy of sciences and State Planning Committee   100101
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This paper pointed out five trends of mordern resource scientific researches in recent 20 years:
(1) Laying stress on the international cooperation and researches of global resource problems;
(2)strategic resource researches becoming increasingly active;
(3)turning from quality into quantity and modelling researches;
(4)resource management problems getting more and more important;
(5) research method and means mordenization.

Key words:  resource science      research trend     
Received:  05 October 1991      Published:  01 November 1992
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Feng Zhiming. FIVE TRENDS OF RESOURCE SCIENTIFIC RESEARCHES. Advances in Earth Science, 1992, 7(6): 46-.

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