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Advances in Earth Science  2014, Vol. 29 Issue (7): 865-873    DOI: 10.11867/j.issn.1001-8166.2014.07.0865
The Key Layout of UK Marine Science and Technology Plans and Some Implications for China
Wang Jinping1, Zhang Zhiqiang1, Gao Feng1, Wang Wenjuan2
1. Lanzhou Library of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Lanzhou 730000, China; 2. Sea Forcasting Center of South China Sea, SOA,Guangzhou 510300, China
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In this paper, we have analysed the major marine research strategies, programs and projects and the overall layout on marine research of the United Kingdom in recent years and found several characteristics: The United Kingdom increased emphasis on the national top-level design of marine research; The marine research infrastructures of the United Kingdom will be given long-term support in the future; Priority areas on marine research in the future will be determine and identified according to the national science and technology status and national needs of national economy; The United Kingdom will focus on ocean acidification, marine renewable energy development and coastal hazards research in the future. Then we gave out some recommendations on our courtry’ development on marine science and technology: Establishing a long-term national marine science and technology strategic plan; strengthening the investment in the important marine research infrastructure; setting several reasonable research priorities according to China’s national strategic needs.

Key words:  Ocean acidification      Marine renewable energy      Coastal zone.      Marine strategy     
Published:  10 July 2014
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Wang Wenjuan
Gao Feng
Wang Jinping
Zhang Zhiqiang

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Wang Jinping, Zhang Zhiqiang, Gao Feng, Wang Wenjuan. The Key Layout of UK Marine Science and Technology Plans and Some Implications for China. Advances in Earth Science, 2014, 29(7): 865-873.

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