Advances in Earth Science ›› 2014, Vol. 2014 ›› Issue (6): 756-764.

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A Study of the Generic Terms of Undersea Geomorphology Base on Undersea Feature Naming

Yanwen Li( ), zhe Xing, Sihai Li, Miao Fan   

  1. National marine data and information service, Tianjin, 300171
  • Online:2014-06-10 Published:2014-06-10

Yanwen Li, zhe Xing, Sihai Li, Miao Fan. A Study of the Generic Terms of Undersea Geomorphology Base on Undersea Feature Naming[J]. Advances in Earth Science, 2014, 2014(6): 756-764.

Submarine geomorphology classification is an important job in marine geology research. The research of submarine geomorphology classification method needs marine geology, marine sedimentology, marine geotectonics and others. In the field of undersea feature naming, generic term represents the type of undersea features. Therefore, defining the undersea feature’s type also relates to the accuracy of the undersea feature names. The Sub-Committee of Undersea Feature Name (SCUFN), as the only official international cooperation organization in undersea feature naming, has been engaged in this field for many years. It mainly focuses on the generic names and specific names of the undersea features. Until now, SCUFN has divided the undersea features of global seas into 54 types and published officially the《Undersea Feature Terms and Definitions》, which includes the 54 generic terms of undersea geomorphology, and explanations and examples of every type of undersea features in the publication. However, because of the restriction of classification method, SCUFN only focuses on the appearance of undersea features in confirming the generic terms, ignores the geologic cause and geotectonics attributes. In the development of ocean exploration technology, the higher precision bathymetric data of submarine geomorphology have been obtained. The traditional method to define the generic names of undersea features already reveals its defects. This results directly in many proposals of undersea features experiencing the process of proposingdiscussingacceptedoverthrowrediscussing in SCUFN. To promote the development of undersea feature naming, the higher accuracy method of undersea feature classification will be needed. In this paper, the types of submarine geomorphology will be analyzed. The popular ways of undersea feature classifying will be introduced. Some proposed dispute examples during the SCUFN discussion will be introduced. The aim is to find a proper way to define the kinds of undersea features.

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