Advances in Earth Science ›› 2013, Vol. 28 ›› Issue (8): 847-858. doi: 10.11867/j.issn.1001-8166.2013.08.0847

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Progress in the Paleoceanography of the Western Pacific Warm Pool: A Review

Chang Fengming,Li Tiegang   

  1. Key Laboratory of Marine Geology and Environment,Institute of Oceanology,Chinese Academy of Sciences,Qingdao 266071,China
  • Received:2013-04-08 Revised:2013-06-27 Online:2013-08-10 Published:2013-08-10

Chang Fengming,Li Tiegang. Progress in the Paleoceanography of the Western Pacific Warm Pool: A Review[J]. Advances in Earth Science, 2013, 28(8): 847-858.

The tropical western Pacific has significant influence on the modern global climate system,and variations of the Western Pacific Warm Pool play an extremely important function in adjusting the global climate. There is growing evidence on the great role of the equatorial Western Pacific in regulating global paleoclimate changes on orbital to suborbital timescales. The low latitude tropical western Pacific has become a focus in the study of paleoceanography last decade. Progress in the paleoceanogrpahy of Western Pacific Warm Pool is reviewed by evaluating the current research situation mainly related to sea surface temperature and plaeoproductivity,abrupt climatic events on millennium timescales,ENSO-like events,intensity and shift of the Western Pacific Warm Pool. An overview about the present knowledge of environmental evolution in the Western Pacific Warm Pool and its climatic impacts is provided with the discussion of some valuable scientific issues in future studies.

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