Advances in Earth Science ›› 2008, Vol. 23 ›› Issue (1): 31-38. doi: 10.11867/j.issn.1001-8166.2008.01.0031

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Advances in the Condensation Water of Arid Regions

Zhuang Yanli,Zhao Wenzhi   

  1. Hydrology and Ecology Laboratory of Watershed,CAREERI,CAS,Linze Inland River Basin Research Station, CERN,Lanzhou 730000, China
  • Received:2007-06-24 Revised:2007-12-04 Online:2008-01-15 Published:2008-01-10

Zhuang Yanli,Zhao Wenzhi. Advances in the Condensation Water of Arid Regions[J]. Advances in Earth Science, 2008, 23(1): 31-38.

Water availability is the most important limiting factor in arid regions. Any additional source of water, such as condensation water, should be considered, especially in summer. Condensation water is the important source of moisture for the primary food chain, thus being an important ecological significance in arid and semiarid regions. The research methodology to determine the amount and duration of condensation water in arid regions at home and abroad was enumerated in the first part of this paper, and then the difference of spatio-temporal was enlarged on from two aspects as the quantitative character and temporal pattern of condensation water. Meanwhile, the main affecting factors of condensation water come into being were analyzed from meteorological factors, the type and situation of condensation surface, as well as plants which around the condensation surface. The ecological roles and significance of condensation water in arid regions were evaluated and the research trends of condensation water in arid regions are prospected in the last part. It is pointed that cross discipline collaboration, such as meteorology, ecology, should be paid more attention in formation mechanisms of condensation water in arid regions in the future,and also measurement method of condensation water should be developed and standardized,as well as physiological responses of desert plants to condensation water and effects of condensation water on extreme drought stress plants should be conducted.

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