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Advances in Earth Science  2007, Vol. 22 Issue (9): 969-975    DOI: 10.11867/j.issn.1001-8166.2007.09.0969
Advances in Research of Landscape Patterns and Ecological Processes of Wetland
HU Wei-wei1,2,3, WANG Gen-xu1
1.Institute of Mountain Hazards and Environment in Chengdu, CAS, Chengdu 610041,China;2.Resourse and Environment College, Anqing Normal College, Anqing 246003,China;3.Graduate School Chinese Academy of Science, Beijing 100093,China
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Since the 1970's, wetland research has became one of the hot fields in international environmental science and ecology. Especially the booming landscape ecology has given new vigor for wetland research and played enlightening and guiding function on the comprehensive research of wetland on regional scale. The relationship between spatial patterns, ecological processes and scale is the core research contents of landscape ecology. Similarly, research on wetland spatial patterns, ecological processes and their relationship on landscape scale is hot spot of the current wetland research. This article reviews the domestic and foreign research progress of methods of landscape patterns and ecological processes, main ecological processes and the relationship between wetland landscape patterns and ecological processes. Finally, the author analyzes the problems and insufficiency of the present studies of the relationship between wetland landscape patterns and ecological processes, research hot spot and tendency of ecological processes of wetland and the relationship between wetland landscape patterns and ecological processes in the future.

Key words:  Ecological processes      Wetland      Landscape patterns      Hydrological process.     
Received:  28 May 2007      Published:  10 September 2007
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HU Wei-wei, WANG Gen-xu. Advances in Research of Landscape Patterns and Ecological Processes of Wetland. Advances in Earth Science, 2007, 22(9): 969-975.

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