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Advances in Earth Science  2004, Vol. 19 Issue (3): 467-471    DOI: 10.11867/j.issn.1001-8166.2004.03.0467
ZHOU Zhifang,ZHU Haisheng
College of Civil Engineering, Hohai University, Nanjing 210098,China
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Characteristics of urban geologic hazard are that mans activityplays an important role in bourgeon, development and form process of geologic hazard. Based on some examples, geologic hazard problems, such as earthquake, geofracture, ground subsidence, collapse, water environmental depravation, landslide, dilapidation, mudrock flow, float sand, piping and yielding soil deformation etc., are summedup generally during the course of development for Chinesecities. According to dynamical operation property of inducing in geologic hazard, geologic hazard is classified into many kinds, and environmental effect of groundwater is discussed detailedlyin urban geologic hazard. So, operation forms of groundwater are classified into physical operation, chemistry operationand biology operation, etc. environmental effect of geological hazard on the action of groundwateris classified into control effect, subsidiaryeffect and second effect, etc. Several key theoryproblems, including in earthquake forecast, couple of flow and settlement equations, and groundwater flow and solute transport in multiscales inhomogeneity, are put forward in the research of urban geologic hazard.

Key words:  City      Geological hazard      Groundwater      Environmental effect.     
Received:  09 April 2004      Published:  01 June 2004
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ZHOU Zhifang,ZHU Haisheng. ANALYSIS ON GROUNDWATER ENVIRONMENTAL EFFECT IN URBAN GEOLOGIC HAZARD. Advances in Earth Science, 2004, 19(3): 467-471.

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