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Advances in Earth Science  1995, Vol. 10 Issue (3): 223-228    DOI: 10.11867/j.issn.1001-8166.1995.03.0223
Wu Shiying
First Institute of Oceanography,SOA,Qingdao  266003
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Deep-sea hydrothermal activities and hydrothermal products which were found during nearly 20 cruises in the past 26 years of DSDP/ODP are introduced. It is emphasized that deep-sea hydrothermal activity, as the study of sea-floor spreading, mantle material upwelling, new ocean-floor formation and volcanic activities, has been one of the core aspects in the Ocean Drilling Project. With the study of deep-sea hydrothermal activity, a break through progress has been obtained in many important theoretical problems.

Key words:  Ocean Drilling      Hydrothermal activity      Sea-water circulation      Mineralization sources.     
Received:  21 February 1995      Published:  01 June 1995
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Wu Shiying. OCEAN DRILLING AND DEEP-SEA HYDROTHERMAL ACTIVITY. Advances in Earth Science, 1995, 10(3): 223-228.

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