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Advances in Earth Science  1992, Vol. 7 Issue (6): 25-    DOI: 10.11867/j.issn.1001-8166.1992.06.0025
Fan Guangming Zhu Zhicheng
Deyartment of Geology,Clzina University of  Geoscienees,Wnhan,430074
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Fault is the most important type of tectonics in the earth crust一lithosphere. It is the faults,is  a dominant elements,SVhich construct regional tectonic architecture. Fault controlled not only the evolution and the transverse inhomogenity of regional tectonics,but also the laminary structure of the earth  crust-lithosphere. Three kinds of faults(compressional fault,extensional fault and strike-slip fault) may be formed by three kinds of tectionic stress-fields in the earth crust. The fault might occur individually and combine to each other as well. The recent progress and the tendency of fault research are summarized in this paper from historical review and recent analysis of study in three type fault,in orderto undertand the orentation which must be held.

Key words:  Fault structure      Compressional faut      Extensional fault      Strike-slip fault.     
Received:  24 January 1992      Published:  01 November 1992
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Fan Guangming Zhu Zhicheng. THE PROGRESS Ale1D TEI}IDENCY OF FAULT RESEARCH. Advances in Earth Science, 1992, 7(6): 25-.

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