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地球科学进展  1996, Vol. 11 Issue (2): 209-215    DOI: 10.11867/j.issn.1001-8166.1996.02.0209
中国科学院地质研究所 北京 100029
Dai Yongding;Chen Meng’e;Wang Yao
Institute of Geology, Chinese Academy of Sciences ,Beijing 100029
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关键词: 微生物沉积学研究热点微生物岩    

This paper briefs the difinition of microbolite, its research content and practical significance, divides the research history into four developmental stages,i. e.the early enlightment, controversy between palaeontologic school and actualism(sedimentary) schoo, comparative actualism(sedimentology) and microbial sedimentology, refering to the rocks, microbes, ecosystems, environments, classification and evolution of microbolites. The hot research topics of nowadays,which are microbial reefs and mounds, travertine deposits and P, Fe, Mn microbolites are also introduced.And points out developing trends about structure type,sedimentary environment,component rock and genetic index. Finally,suggests that the facing tasks are to analyse and identify fossil bacteria, microbial textures,structures and minerals, indicator elements, isotopes and biomarkers, as well as microbial ecosystems and lithogenetic and oreforming mechanisms.

Key words: Microbolite    Microbial sedimentology    Developmental stages    Hot research topics    Facing tasks.
收稿日期: 1995-03-15 出版日期: 1996-03-01


通讯作者: 戴永定,男,1937年1月出生,研究员,主要从事沉积学、生物地质学的研究。   
作者简介: 戴永定,男,1937年1月出生,研究员,主要从事沉积学、生物地质学的研究。
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戴永定,陈孟莪,王尧. 微生物岩研究的发展与展望[J]. 地球科学进展, 1996, 11(2): 209-215.

Dai Yongding;Chen Meng’e;Wang Yao. DEVELOPMENT AND PERSPECTIVE OF RESEARCH FOR MICROBOLITES. Advances in Earth Science, 1996, 11(2): 209-215.


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